About Candeed

Our Team Lineups

Candeed works with many clients from all over the world on various projects across different sectors.  To maintain the quality of the delivered services and published digital products, we organized our designers into small teams. At this moment Candeed has two units.  You will communicate with only one account manager who focuses on achieving the goal of your project.

Crimson Club

Crimson Club by Candeed is located in Kediri, Indonesia. Our studio is near to Kampung Inggris (English Village) in Pare.

hari winarno

Hari W.

Power Forward

Illustration, Animation

Husai A.


Animation, UI Design

Lilis Icca M

Lilis Icca M.


UI Design, Graphic Design


Vena D.

Small Forward


Rommy A.


Art Direction, Founder


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Cyan Club

We’re building a new lineups for Cyan Club.

Yuan CP..

Power Forward

UI Design, Product Design.



HR, Co-founder


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Quality Deliverables

Following the best practices in digital and print industries, our design files can be easily implemented.

Our Clients

We have broad and long experiences in the graphic design industry. Working with many clients across different countries remotely, not only we have the design skillset, we are also excel at online communication and collaboration technologies using messaging, cloud file sharing, payment processing, and task management applications.