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Get an original and high quality logo design that stands out from the crowd and represents your brand’s values. It will be a high-impact logo for your brand. Experience made us understand how good-looking logo is never enough for a serious business (whether it’s small, medium or big business). Great logo should be memorable also represents the character / values of the business.

Why Candeed ?
– We design custom logo specific for your business (100% original logo work).
– We do listen to you. Candeed will do a research, examine requrements and work based on your brief.
– We provide three initial design scenarios / alternatives (3 options) in first design stage (so you can choose one before we move forward to next phase).

– Final logo files (deliverable packages) will be sent in industry standard formats (so later you can use that logo in many medias such as stationery, packaging, website, flyers, brochures, and so on).

– Final deliverable files also packed with handy ‘visual guideline’ that describe how should your logo applied on various medias regarding positions, colors, typography, proportions.


Final Deliverable Files:
– Master source files of logo design will be delivered in AI (vector based; following industry best practice).
– .png or .jpg files (as needed).
– visual_guideline.pdf (explanation).

Briefing Guidelines

To help our team to kickstart the project, please provide information about:

  • Your full name.
  • Your business / product name.
  • Information about your business and your product / service.
  • Logo wording — Exact words / phrases that needed to be written in the design (case sensitive please).
  • Primary target audience (such as ‘age range’, demography, and so on).
  • Preferred color(s). Maybe you have existing branding color(s) that needed to be included in the logo?
  • Reference Examples of logos that you like.


Thanks for your interest in working with us.


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Kami bisa mendesain lightning speed bla bla bla